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Candle Light Wedding and Reception for Ivy and Marcus McNeill

Le Bam Studio was honored to be chosen for another celebrity wedding for Ivy and Marcus McNeill. Ivy has been in love with the space for a year planning to have an event with us. She was thrilled to know that we were available for New Years day wedding – her dream! Perfect taste of this amazing bride could not go wrong and she picked perfect concept for the wedding décor! Candle light romantic intimate dinner and all white dramatic ceremony! Gold Chrystal chandeliers were installed and white chiffon draping at the special request of the couple. The bride looked stunning! Beautiful couple sat at the head table inside of tall gold canopy chairs and then continued to dance romantically under dim light! It was stunning. These are sneak peak pictures of the wedding until we receive the files from their wonderful photographer! Enjoy!

All-inclusive wedding Le Bam Studio Modern Chic

All-inclusive wedding Le Bam Studio Modern Chic

Extremely excited to share the pictures of this wedding of Megan and Matt! Megan was our “love at first site”. Venue and a bride fell in love! Very creative, easy to work with Megan was an exceptional client! We planned and planned and loved every minute of it of spending time together! Creams and golds were so perfect for this exceptionally beautiful bride! Vibrant personality, firm character and bold attitude matched Le Bam Venue so well. She has a grand vision of estate dinner combined with a party like reception and sophisticated lounging for cocktail hour. Perfect combination for the venue. Megan and Matt were available to take a lot of pictures! Le Bam Creative team together with Michael Goolsby scouted great scenery in Miami Circle antique park to achieve beautiful results! Soft lighting and sharp contrast – all of that was combined into one day with amazing love that Megan and Matt share! Creative team of Le Bam studio is going to remember this wedding and hope for many more where Venue and a client love working together!

Indian Hindu Wedding at Le Bam Studio Atlanta

Le Bam Studio is extremely excited and proud to host Hindu traditional Indian wedding! We have created  Hindu Mandap for the ceremony with vibrant burgundy, purple and gold accents. Traditional Hindu garlands were hung over it! We have built a stage to accommodate traditional seating with low stools on it with a beautiful burgundy and gold rug under it. Guests arrived early and were seated in the ceremony site with a beautiful gold and red isle with gold petals and flowers on both sides. American guests were intrigued by  spectacular Indian exotic music, décor and scents. The mystery of rituals of hundreds years back was captivating and refreshing to those who are used to short and sweet American ways of quick vowels exchange. Bride was brought in on a platform with her face hidden behind the leafs. Groom was blessed by family and aunties. It was amazing to see the art of merging two souls together with all their flesh, mind and spirit. Flowers, food blessings and spiritual and financial prosperity: all came together in the ritual to bless their life together in the deepest meaning of a true marriage. 45 minute ceremony was followed by first dance, extravagant dinner catered by Bhojanic (Le Bam’s partner for Indian Cuisine Catering) . Amazing photography team by Steffi Smith  shared these beautiful pictures with us below capturing Le Bam Studio design work and a beautiful couple. You can see more in Steffi’s blog at Le Bam Studio has several Singeets and weddings  booked for 2015 and is delighted to become truly multicultural wedding venue. We are excited to design Indian, Brazilian, Korean, American, Nigerian, Russian weddings and more. We believe that traditions of all countries are very interesting and educational  as they reflect  true partnership and love in marriage shared by two people who want to spend their life together and enjoy the wonderful journey with each other.

Old Hollywood Weddings in Atlanta Le Bam Studio

Le Bam Studio is a very unique wedding venue that embraces Old Hollywood style wedding décor that is very popular among the brides who are looking for a truly elegant and chic event with a touch of Old Hollywood era and ambiance. From the trim work to draping to antique furniture, the venue has a feel and elegance that you are looking for. We are not your typical square room type of venue that needs to be heavily decorated! Le Bam Studio has several areas where guests are being entertained the entire night for the utmost exciting experience. Our interior design/event design team enjoys putting special touches to your wedding concept. We enjoy working with clients with a clear and immaculate vision. Our main designer has years of experience creating beautiful homes for famous people and celebrities in Atlanta and now is permanently devoting her time to the venue and our brides and honorary guests. By becoming  a client you will have several design sessions with her to create the wedding of your dreams. Packages will include all décor elements that Le Bam Studio has in stock or will  be custom ordered depending on your budget. Most of our brides are amazed by our stock decorations! We are extremely proud to work with several clients for 2015 who have unique visions and amazing taste to truly capture the Old Hollywood Era. Below are pictures by Michael Goolsby: of Angela and Rodney wedding at Le Bam Studio! We loved working with them!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta at Le Bam Studio

Le Bam Studio was honored to host Kandi Burruss’ bridal shower the other day at our location! We got a call a few days before from Kandi’s sweet Maid of Honor/ best friend,  Tamera Wynn, looking to secure a location. She loved the style of Le Bam Studio and heard a lot about us through mutual friends and clients! It was a perfect fit for Kandi’s style! Being excited about the upcoming wedding, she loved the décor of Le Bam Studio! Little to no time available to prepare, we took the liberty of picking all the colors and flowers for Kandi a day before her shower! We were excited to meet the crews of True Entertainment TV and Bravo channel! Super excited to be on the show, the staff of Le Bam Studio did an amazing job at being helpful to the guests and being on TV at the same time. 60 close friends and family of the bride enjoyed a lavish brunch and scrumptious mimosas! Keep a look out for Kandi’s amazing bridal shower at Le Bam studio on the upcoming episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta!

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Wedding ceremony sites Atlanta

Le Bam Studio has been chosen to be in the Top 10 by Knot Magazine for Wedding Ceremony sites Atlanta. Our latest addition of a 5000 sq foot ballroom raised our popularity for larger weddings and events. the Gold Ballroom is now part of the main silver section of the venue and is an amazing dinner and ceremony site for 200 guests. Our clients adore the fact that now they can entertain their guests in our main Tree Ballroom, lounge upstairs for a cocktail hour and have a gorgeous ceremony followed by a stunning seated dinner in the Gold Ballroom. The ballroom has a permanent lavish draping and LED up lighting available to even the basic level package that we offer. High ceilings allow us to offer installations of flowers and hanging structures to enhance the décor of the dinner. We offer estate tables now as part of our design packages that compliment the ballroom tremendously and take your breath away with detail and a uniform look. Wedding ceremony sites Atlanta are hard to find when you are looking for an all-inclusive package, look wise and in quality. Our collection of linens and stock of decorations often make the clients very happy that they finally came to the right place. We now offer more packages that will include the entire venue of 12,000 sq feet. You can also rent the Gold Ballroom separately,  however, we do not do two weddings in a day which makes your booking very exclusive and our team dedicated just to you and your needs. Our fresh floral décor is part of any package and is stunning as we design them around your budget, color scheme and taste. We believe that fresh flowers are the key to the room décor and aroma of an exciting event. They make it special and memorable. Wedding ceremony sites Atlanta are a big pool of options, but in order to experience the difference please stop by and meet with our design team to see for yourself! Photography below by Michael Goolsby (our recommended photographer)

All inclusive weddings Atlanta

Le Bam Studio has been an innovator in designing all inclusive weddings for several years. Being the one stop shop, we are not only providing all the necessary elements to our brides, but we are also planning and designing the entire wedding by working with our amazing vendors and partners. All inclusive weddings Atlanta can mean different things among different venues. Most of them mean their space and catering. Our packages for all inclusive weddings will include custom color linens (pin tuck or pinch plead), taffeta napkins with rings, chair sashes, fresh flower centerpieces, floral packages for the bride and bridal party, fully decorated ceremony site, two dinner ballrooms to choose from, a dance floor, three bridal suites, LED lighting, a sound system, DJ services, a bride’s cake, a groom’s cake and the list is not over yet. We devote a lot of time and attention to detail. Le Bam is known for creating experiences for the guests that leaves them in awe and thrilled. The recent addition of a new ballroom makes the packages truly special. Guests get to experience a beautiful ceremony, dinner, dancing and lounging in all different parts of the venue designed to create a different feel, from a traditional and grand event to an artsy, relaxed and fun event. All inclusive weddings in Atlanta are becoming popular and stress free. We understand the challenges that brides are facing by coordinating and designing their wedding themselves and we lift that burden off their shoulders. Interior Design is our strength at Le Bam Studio and we are known for that. Brides usually pick their color and give us direction and we design seating, rooms, ceremony, centerpieces and floral packages for them. The day of the wedding is coordinated by Le Bam coordinator and brides do not need to worry about a thing. All inclusive weddings Atlanta was started by Le Bam Studio and continue to be popular. We are the only venue that truly offers All inclusive weddings Atlanta on the highest level of vendor qualifications, planning, design and coordination. Please schedule a private consultation to learn about different levels of our packages. We can also design a package around your situation, reasonable budget and discuss discounts on certain months and days that will help you achieve your budget goal and dream wedding!

Indian Weddings and Sangeet in Atlanta Le Bam Studio

Indian Weddings and Sangeet in Atlanta Le Bam Studio

Le Bam Studio is truly international in its clientele. We are hosting weddings for American couples, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, New Zealanders, Persian, South African, Korean, Mexican and now Indian. Indian culture never leaves anybody indifferent to it. Indian weddings in Atlanta are the most colorful and ceremonial. Wedding in India are the most important event ever! Everybody is invited! They are known for a huge guest list, amazing food and beautiful décor. Le Bam Studio is very excited to become one of the most popular facilities for Indian weddings and Sangeet in Atlanta! Being a creative and elegant space, Lebam Studio is very attractive for Indian couples who love style, lavish design, romance and beautiful ambiance. Indian culture is very romantic. We all love Bollywood movies with lots of singing and dancing and most importantly Eternal Love that is absolutely special. Family is very important in India. Indian culture develops a lot of respect in young people towards true love, family and marriage.  The ritual of a wedding ceremony is amazing! Indian weddings and Sangeet at Le Bam Studio are done in collaboration with Indian catering services and restaurants because authentic food is very important in Indian Weddings. We are very excited to establish relationships with Indian planners, decorators and entertainers to make sure the Indian wedding at Le Bam Studio is truly special and leaves all the quests in awe! A number of pictures are provided by Hakim’s Studio at

Wedding and reception at Le Bam Studio

We are super excited to post these images from our latest Wedding and Reception at Le Bam Studio. Our couple has chosen to have a wedding ceremony up on the hill that is located next to the venue. Guests arrived and were offered a beautiful setting of all-white lounge set up under the draped tent up in the hill. The Great Gatsby style was their chosen theme. Guests were pleasantly surprised to see a real cigar girl offering cigars as they were getting to know each other. The ceremony site was placed next to the tent. Music from the movie and a 1920′s inspired soundtracks took the event back in time. As the sun was setting, candles were lit and we invited all guest take their seats. Under the twinkle lights and candle light, the beautiful bride walked in and we began the ceremony. The ambiance was magical as the sun set and as the wind was blowing the white fabric of the wedding canopy. We could not wish for better weather for this wedding at Le Bam Studio. The couple looked stunning. The bride was wearing a sequenced vintage gown and her hair was beautifully arranged according to the era’s fashion. The elegant groom was awaiting for her at the altar.

This couple was our most creative client of the year since they chose Le Bam Studio for their wedding and ceremony. They had no second thoughts and absolutely trusted our design team to put their vision in place to capture that era. The dinner settings were lavish. The beautiful arrangements, chair covers, gold plated silverware and china were absolutely breathtaking.

The bride chose to order a broche bouquet and we were happy to deliver. The reception followed with real flappers entertaining guests. Please see for yourself and do not hesitate to ask us about different design options for your Wedding and Ceremony at Le Bam Studio. We are always happy to see your ideas and put them into reality!

Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed at a wedding at Le Bam Studio

We are proud to announce that the Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed visited Le Bam Studio during one of our recent weddings. He enjoyed his stay at a wedding and complimented us on the design and on the décor. Le Bam Studio was honored to have our Mayor Kasim Reed as a guest at this wedding. The Wedding reception continued following a beautiful ceremony around Le Bam Studio’s main tree in the ballroom. Our designers worked hard to create a perfect vision for a bride. Pictures below show a beautiful estate table across the ballroom for 32 bridal party members. Le Bam Studio used real white ostrich feathers with white hydrangeas in a white tower glass vase mixed with red rose arrangements along the center line. Mayor Kasim Reed was an honorable guest of the Turner family and enjoyed congratulating beautiful bride Sloan Turner with her marriage.







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