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New York inspired wedding venue in Atlanta

I DO for BRIDES Georgia Magazine

review of Le Bam Studio as a New York inspired wedding venue in Atlanta by Kate Parrott

Article About Le Bam StudioVenues like Le Bam Studio come few and far between, even in the sprawling heart of Atlanta, which has progressed as the contemporary, cultural hub of the Southeast. Sure, you can choose from a plethora of facilities to host your once-in-a-lifetime event-some elegant, some rustic, some just plain traditional-but nothing quite compares to the modern-day whimsy of Le Bam. Picture a chic nightclub bedecked with plush velvet curtains crossed with a scene from “Alice in Wonderland”. Add a bit of New York-inspired Art Deco ambiance into the mix and the result is an eclectic, modern-day, fairytale space unrivaled by its contemporaries.


Le Bam Studio offers the hip atmosphere of big-city style without all the pretension. Perhaps the whimsical elements provide an air of childhood nonchalance-a babbling brook with live coral, semiprecious stones, misty fog and tinted lights frame one of the gathering rooms, while guests are immediately greeted by the striking sight of an enormous, hand crafted tree (made in Brazil and assembled on site) upon entry into the space. You may feel like you have entered an enchanted forest, but the stainless steel bar, plush furniture, Romanesque columns and arched entryways connecting multiple alcoves quickly bring you to reality. The venue’s vaulted ceilings and abundance of LED lighting lend themselves to awe-inspiring views, but one of the true beauties of this space is found in the subtle details. Arched wooden doors, the size of mouse holes, house the electrical outlets, gem-encrusted windows offer a peek onto the outdoor patio to the rear of the building. Outside, stone walkways and water streams lead the way to the patio, where exotic plants abound and multi-color evening garden lighting, ponds and water plants create an outdoor experience equally enchanting as the one inside. Interconnected water features set the scene for a small ceremony site that accommodates up to 100 seated guest.


Owner Marina Floccari, a conceptual designer and an artist, opened Le Bam in January 2005 to cater to private events. “I am very drawn to arts and theater”, says Floccari, who also fronts a design company MB Design. “I am an artist and designer myself, so I always try to combine all of my talents  into one. Doing this, I have an opportunity to design events and work with the flexibility of the interior decor. I want to do things differently and bring all of the elements of art into one space.

Le bam Studio is perhaps left best to first impressions rather than words. As the old saying goes, seeing is believing.

For more info call: 404-512-0329.

I Do for Brides Article About Le Bam Studio